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Core Power for Baseball creator Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized fitness professional specializing in creating power and core strength in athletes. A member of Team Men’s Fitness, Barry is also a contributor to Men’s Health and Women’s Health. 

Barry’s unique style of athlete and core training produces incredible results with little equipment, can be done right on the field of play and is being used by tens of thousands of athletes and coaches worldwide. Core Power for Baseball offers a solution to baseball coaches and players who want to improve their power, core strength and overall performance. 

The videos are easy to follow and can be done without a gym or pricey equipment which is another huge concern for coaches. The uniqueness of Core Power for Baseball is very appealing, combine that with the popularity of baseball and you have great potential for sales. Barry also has many other athlete and core training products available that affiliates can lead their customers to and make more money.

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Testimonials - use these handy testimonials to help promote Core Power for Baseball


Promote Core Power for Baseball with the following testimonials:

"I seek out experts in the field of conditioning, power, core strength, flexibility and hitting. I can tell you this, there is no one better and more innovate and produces better results than Barry Lovelace. He is a great teacher and very innovative and creative. If you're looking for more power, looking to increase bat speed, looking to throw the ball harder and more efficiently you have to go to his website and get his information. I can't tank you enough Barry for all the things that you have shown me. I have implemented into my programs and have gotten really great results."


Paul Niggebrugge

Former minor league baseball player

Nationally recognized Hitting & Pitching Coach


"There isn't a fitness pro out there with more unique and fun ways to train than Barry Lovelace. From pro athletes to stay at home moms, Barry knows how to help you reach your goals. And when it comes to core training, nobody does it better.

If you really want to improve your strength, health, sports performance, or just simply look better naked, then Barry's core training program is for you.

Don't be one of those people who think a hundred crunches a day will give you a six-pack. If you really want to get results, just get Barry's program and follow it."

Dave Soucy
Body Transformation Coach, Founder of Healthy Weight Inner Circle, Creator of The Body Transformation Course 2.0, Owner of Perfect Fit Fitness Bootcamps

I wanted to train with Barry because I heard great things from his other clients and I wanted to gain a competitive edge against my teammates at school. Barry’s workouts helped me to see results fast. After just 3 sessions I felt a difference in my swing, balance and pitching motion. After 6 sessions I felt myself hitting the ball harder and when I pitched I had more pop. The workouts are efficient and versatile which allow me to incorporate them into my training regimen with ease. I am looking forward to this season with excitement and confidence because of Barry’s dedication to making athletes gain what they need to take their game to the next level. I recommend Barry to anyone with a desire to gain an edge against their teammates fast.  

Alex M.
Freshmen, Division 1 Softball Pitcher


“The conditioning program that Barry has developed for us has transformed our players into a physically fit, mentally prepared, and emotionally ready team. Our skills have greatly improved due to the gain in strength, stamina, and flexibility. The players actually look forward to their sessions with Barry, and enjoy the many different types of stations he teaches them. Barry's workout has changed the way our players think about conditioning, all for the positive. In the words of our team, Barry "Rocks".

John Joseph Yanek

Six Time Coach of the year – District Eleven PA

Tom Gifford, Fitness Director at YMCA in Stage College, Pa (USA) has this to say about Barry's training style:

"I have seen many types of training techniques for athletes, but I believe that Barry Lovelace's techniques are without a doubt that most effective method to get maximum results in a short amount of time.  Not only do Barry's methods get quick results, they have an incredible translation to real world movements that are relevant and adaptable to any athlete for any sport.  His creativity in developing these athletic training systems is what sets this type of functional training apart from others I have seen."

Just after working out with Barry for two or three sessions I went to the batting cages for the first time in a few months. I felt amazing because i felt so much stronger and more powerful.
- Samantha Makey 

Cedar Crest Softball


Haley and I are amazed at how quickly she has seen results after just a few workouts and continues to improve after every training session. She is throwing and pitching with more POP on the ball and has really improved her quickness and athleticism due to her core strength. Haley is much stronger not only physically, but also mentally due to the confidence you have helped build. Your positive attitude and encouragement along with your sincere care for the athlete can’t be duplicated. We are firm believers in your training methods based on the results we have seen and will be signing up our younger daughter Madison to train with you.
Shawn and Cindy McClary


Bio About Barry - use this bio to help your customers become familiar with Barry:


Who is Barry Lovelace and why should you trust him? 

Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized sports performance specialist known as ‘The King of Core’ and has been interviewed for featured articles in Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. As of December 2011, over 125,000 athletes and coaches worldwide use Barry’s training techniques with great success including an Olympian, professional athletes, USA National Team Members and National and State Championship teams. 
He owns the Barry Lovelace Athlete Training Academy located in Catasauqua Pa. Barry has several athlete training DVD's includingTraining for Volleyball, Volleyball Team Training, Core STRONG 13, Softball Team Training, Core Power for Baseball,and Pitcher's POP Training as well as the exercise video Exercise 4 EveryBODY. 
Barry is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. He is very humble about his accomplishments and cherishes every minute of every day. 
Barry is eager to help others and loves working with youngs athletes. Not only to change their sports performance but also to help them with every day problems they may be having at home, in school or on the team. 
You're in good hands with any product you purchase from Barry Lovelace. 

Thank you for considering promoting Core Power For Baseball. To reach Barry directly you can email him at Barry@BarryLovelace.com